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The Chilli Blog is also the ideal page on this website for any beginner looking to learn how to grow edible food indoors to a professional standard. This is not only cost-effective planning for a convenient lifestyle, but reassuring information to know exactly what is going into a vegetable for any lover of food alike.

Check this space regularly for updates on the Home Chilli Blog.



Preparing the essential nutrients for growing any plant indoors

Before any attempt at growing anything, one must gather the necessary minerals and compounds a plant requires for growth. Water, followed by a dilute of H₂O₂ is vital if you want a clean and anti-fungal indoor grow. The dilute liquid oxygen doubles up as an oxidiser providing oxygen molecules to the roots and a simple antiseptic to combat infection of your plants. This is the mixture I started diluting with filtered water:

Additional nutrients include magnesium bisglycinate (instead of epsom salts) this provides more readily available and absorbable magnesium for the plant to absorb. And Potassium Sulphate for consistent Potassium levels can be watered to the plant in either liquid Tomato feed or powdered form. In this case I have used both:


Approx. Day 10 of the KD Chilli Seeds under mixed blue spectrum light.

These are the first signs of development as the seedlings grow steady at 2 inches. With 8 seeds planted all together in a 20x20cm cube pot, we shall wait and see what the next 10 days may bring. Plants are not just practical for the atmosphere in exchanging oxygen for carbon, they are also beautiful to observe as an art form. In this case, hopefully an art form yielding edible results too!

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